Tongues And The Bible

Tongues And The Bible

         Millions around the world today are being attracted by a movement which transcends all barriers of denominationalism. Multitudes have thrown aside the word of God because of some sort of an ecstatic experience they have undergone. They allow these experiences to supersede the word of God itself. Catholics and Protestants alike are caught up in the exciting psychic phenomenon of being moved by a common spirit. They sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit is endowing them with a new language of the soul, and that the power of God is using them to heal, cast out devils, and prophesy. At the heart of this movement is the belief that the gift of tongues, speaking in an unknown, unintelligible language, is the only sign that a person has received the Holy Spirit. Are they correct? Is speaking in an unknown language a sign of having received the Spirit of the Living God?

       This book will take the reader through the Bible to discover exactly what the Word of God teaches on this subject, rather than what people are saying or doing.


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