The Trinity Among Seventh-day Adventists

The Trinity Among Seventh-day Adventists
While the Seventh day Adventist Church today espouses the doctrine of the Trinity, this has not always been so. It is important to understand that Adventist views were not uniform in our developing years. As Adventism emerged during the late 1840s, it brought various Christian truths and placed them in the framework of fulfilled prophecy and ongoing discovery of biblical teachings. The evidence from a study of Adventist history indicates that from the earliest years of the church, to the 1890s, a whole stream of writers took an Arian or semi Arian position. The last several years has seen an increased renewal of anti-Trinitarian activity within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, similar to that of some of the pioneers in their early, formative years. However, this resurgence has remained at the margins of the advent movement. This fringe of Adventist authors today, who are opposed to the doctrine of the Trinity, are trying to resurrect the views of early pioneers in our developmental years on these issues. What these views were and how they evolved through the study and guidance of inspiration are presented in this little booklet.

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