The Two Covenants

The Two Covenants

        In the religious world today, we find much confusion and misunderstanding on the beautiful Bible teaching of the covenants. This doctrine of the two covenants was one of the essential elements of the “most precious message” of righteousness by faith that God sent to His church nearly 120 years ago, and as unbelievable as it may seem, this Bible teaching created a tremendous controversy and contributed to a rejection of the Holy Spirit, His prophetic messenger, the message, and the messengers.

        Many have been led to believe the covenants are mutual agreements between God and His people. Thus, many believe the "old covenant" is an agreement or promise made between God and His people, the Jews, and the "new covenant" is an agreement between God and Christians, which has replaced the "old covenant." Therefore, they conclude the "old covenant" refers to the Old Testament dispensation and the "new covenant" to the New Testament dispensation. However, the word of God clearly reveals the covenants are not a bargain struck between God and His people, nor are they a matter of time, but rather of condition.


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