The Men, Motives and Malicious Mutilations behind Mod

The Men, Motives and Malicious Mutilations behind Mod

With the multiplicity of modern Bibles today we discover there are between 5,000 and 36,000 changes in the modern Bibles, depending upon the version one chooses. In addition to this there are over 200 cases in which a verse's authenticity is questioned by complete ommission, or a footnote, in the modern translations. These various changes affect approximately five percent of the Scriptures, which to some may not appear to be such a large percentage; but it amounts to more than the omission of the entire gospel of John, which is only three percent. It further causes people to doubt and to question what does and does not actually belong in the Bible. For example the NASB contains 4,000 significant additions, subtractions and changes; whereas the NIV contains 6,653 and has 64,094 less words than the KJV. This book will consider those involved with the manipulations and mutilations of the Bible and reveal their secular approach and handling of the Sacred Scriptures, some of the changes they made, why they made these changes, and how they have destroyed Bible doctrine. You will be both appalled and outraged when you see these crazed critics shredding the word of God, and then officiously piecing it back together with thousands upon thousands of additions, deletions and perversions.


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