Reflections In Stone

Reflections In Stone

        Over the years man has enacted more than 32 million laws in order to regulate human behavior. These laws must constantly be changed, amended, or abrogated to keep legislation up to date. By comparison the Ten Commandments were written over 3,500 years ago and have never needed to be altered or amended. They are brief, comprehensive, and eternal.

        These commandments are the only part of divine revelation given directly by God Himself without the use of a human agent. They were spoken by the voice of God under circumstances that sent its message rolling down through the millenniums of time to our day and throughout eternity. Its precepts were chiseled by the very finger of God into time enduring stone.

        It was with good reason that God gave us His commandments both orally and in writing; for they are the expression of His will and His character. God gave these commandments to mankind in the wilderness for they

were to be for all nations, for all time. Therefore, He wrote them on stone signifying they were to endure



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