Delivered From Demons – The Saving Power Of God’s Grace

Delivered From Demons – The Saving Power Of God’s Grace

As we look about us we see more and more people coming under the demonic control of the Prince of Darkness and I feel compelled to try and help them see there is hope, assurance and promised deliverance through the Son of the living God. Recently I have been unable to shake the impressions that now may be the time to share the power of God to deliver and save, so others may both see and experience the magnificent love, long-suffering and forgiveness of their Creator and Redeemer; that the God of heaven may be glorified in them and they may experience the wonderful deliverance that I have been rejoicing in these many years.

It is my desire that you are able to see from what I'm going to share that no matter who you are, or where you are from, or what you have done, or even what you are doing, is of little importance to God, for He already knows all of this. What is important is that if you see what you're doing is wrong and that you make the necessary changes by allowing God to give you the power, the desire, and the ability to turn to him and do works of righteousness.


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