Abortion: An Assault On The Sovereignty Of God

Abortion: An Assault On The Sovereignty Of God

Have you ever noticed that there has been a strange silence in many of the churches in our

land when it comes to certain subjects that might possibly upset some of the “saints?” And

where there is not silence there is often compromise or contortion of certain Bible teachings.

Should Christians today forsake the Word of God to wallow in the muck and mire of the mad

and muddle musings of men? It is sad to say, many professed Christians have done just that.

I firmly believe the church of the Living God, and every single person comprising that

church, should be the great stronghold of truth and morality in the world. It is the church that

should give articulation to the voice of God as found in Scripture. All one must do today is to

look about them to see that many have lost sight of this.

This book is going to deal with a subject that many consider taboo, one that we should not even discuss.

Perhaps because it is felt to be to controversial, perhaps because of a false premise that if we ignore it, it will

maybe go away; or perhaps we may even fear the word of God may contradict what we want to believe. What

ever the reason, it is a topic seldom heard in many Christian churches of this “post modern” age.


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