Why So Many Denominations

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http://artists-atelier.com//wp-content/uploads/2013/09/advanced_pen-ink300@2x.jpg Have you ever wondered, if there’s one God and one Bible, why there are so many different churches that dot the hillsides? The world has thousands upon thousands of church congregations and with this multitude of denominations people often wonder: “How can I find the truth? How can I know what truth is?” With this collection of confusing concepts how can one discover truth? The Bible clearly describes why there are so many different denominations and it helps us find our way through the maze of confusion. It helps intelligent, thinking, rational people to understand where these churches came from, and how to sort out truth from error. As one studies Bible prophecy they will understand what happened to the early Christian church, why it happened, and discover how to find truth for themselves.

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