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The prophecy of the Kings of the north and south contain a history that is most essential to understand in order to fully comprehend God’s workings among the nations of the world. As we behold how these things have been fulfilled just as God said they would be, we can have full confidence and assurance about those things which lie ahead. Furthermore, if we do not know the historical background of the kings of the north and south it would be impossible to know if they exist today, their identities, how they will meet their end, or when this event is to take place. This book follows a very important biblical principle of prophetic interpretation: everything should be considered as literal, unless it is obviously symbolic. Because of a failure to adhere to this principle, there have been a variety of views pertaining to this prophecy. Some claim, for example, the king of the north is Turkey, others that it is the Papacy, some that it is Russia, and still others that it is Satan himself. This confusion need not exist (and indeed would not exist), if people would cease to place their own fanciful interpretation on various passages. Thus, this book allows the Scripture to be its own interpreter and apply the information contained in God’s word to a literal, chronological, historical setting.

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