Racing Toward The Mark

In my contact with people around the world I have discovered that there is a deep and sincere desire of many to better understand the Word of God. Yet, in contrast with this, there appears to be a rapid departure from the clear presentation of the Word to an abundance of man-made theories, traditions and […]

God’s Remnant Church Of Bible Prophecy

For centuries Satan has labored to enshroud the world in darkness, but despite his efforts, God once again illuminates it with the glorious light of his saving truth. His people have been caught up in the fornications of Babylon and are wandering aimlessly in the darkness of superstition, traditions of men, and “doctrines of devils.” […]

The Beast’s Great Deception Affecting You

When Jesus comes there are going to be a multitude of professed Christians who will be horrified that their rejection of Bible truth will have cost them eternal life. Matthew 7:21-23. Revelation 1:10 is a verse that many have taken out of context in an attempt to support an erroneous, non-biblical, man-made tradition. The prophet […]

A Thief In The Night

The second coming of Jesus has long been the burning desire of His people, and the great theme of the Bible writers. The promise of Jesus to come again to receive His people (John 14:1-3) has brought hope and comfort to millions over the years. However, since the devil could not destroy the Bible teaching […]

Why Suffering and Death?

In the beginning God created the earth and all that is in it, and when He finished He declared it was “very good.” Genesis 1:1-31. Adam and Eve was given dominion over all of the earth. The only thing withheld from them was one tree. Genesis 2:16-17. Satan, in the form of a serpent, caused […]