The Beasts of Daniel 7

In the seventh chapter of Daniel we find the first recorded vision of the prophet himself. (Remember, the vision in chapter two was given to Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel simply interpreted it.) From this point on the book of Daniel is a prophetic outline of events which build upon the prophecy of chapter two, with each prophecy […]

Christian Standards

CHRISTIAN STANDARDS Matthew 7:13-14 It is interesting that so many cities call their main streets Broadway. – Jesus described the Broadway as the road to destruction. – A casual walk down the main street of most cities will show you just how right He was. The further one walks, the more aware one becomes that […]

Church Authority And Discipline

CHURCH AUTHORITY AND DISCIPLINE Jesus gave the gospel commission to go and teach and baptize people around the world (Matthew 28:19, 20). As the disciples followed this command the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved (Acts 2:47). The method by which they became members of the church was through baptism […]

The New Jerusalem

THE CITY OF GOD In Revelation chapter twenty-one we find the climax toward which the entire book of Revelation has been progressing, the complete and eternal triumph of Christ and the establishment of His kingdom on the earth. In this chapter all of the promises of God and the hopes and aspirations of His people […]

What happens when we die?

THE DEVIL’S DECEPTION ABOUT DEATH What happens to a person when they die? Some say they are reincarnated. Others believe one goes to heaven, hell, purgatory, or some such place. Still others think you float around on a little cloud, strumming a harp. And some are of the opinion that the dead haunt houses, or […]

Who Is Michael?

THE MIGHTY MICHAEL We are told that when Satan was cast out of heaven, it was “Michael and his angels” who cast him out (Revelation 12:7). There is much uncertainty and confusion as to the identity of Michael, but this need not be if one is willing to lay aside preconceived opinions and allow the […]

Tithes and Offerings

OPENING THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN Before Jesus returned to the Father He promised to return again for His people. John 14:1-3. He also gave a parable to illustrate what was expected of His people while He was gone. Matthew 25:14-30. He has set each of us as His stewards to watch over His goods, and […]

The Mark of the Beast

RACING TOWARD THE MARK In my contact with people around the world I have discovered that there is a deep and sincere desire of many to better understand the Word of God. Yet, in contrast with this, there appears to be a rapid departure from the clear presentation of the Word to an abundance of […]